Rebuild Your Smile with Dental Implants
By Fowlerville Family Dentistry
September 25, 2019
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Here at Fowlerville Family Dentistry in Fowlerville, MI, dental implants top the list of best restorative dental treatments. Why are they so sought after? Well, unlike other dental replacements, implants not only replace the missing tooth, but they also replace the missing tooth roots to create unmatched stability and functionality. Learn the details here:

Tooth loss changes everything

From your appearance to self-image to how people perceive your personality, losing a tooth can create a host of issues, including bone loss.

Yes, after dental extraction, your jaw bone and gum tissue start to recede almost immediately. In fact, Dear Doctor reports that the alveolar ridge that holds your tooth roots diminishes in width by a full 25 percent the first year after extraction.

This bone loss significantly changes facial contours, aging a person beyond their years. Additionally, smile gaps hurt speech, biting, chewing, and even digestion.

Dental implants can help

Not only do dental implants improve your facial appearance and oral function, but they also dramatically improve your jaw bone size and strength. That's because every time you chew on a dental implant, you actually exercise and strengthen it.

How does a little titanium dental implant do all that? The answer lies in something called osseointegration. Titanium attracts human bone cells, so once the titanium piece is placed in your jaw, the bond between the jaw and the artificial root increases, eventually stabilizing into a permanent fusion. While this may take several weeks to months, the wait ensures a stable, strong prosthetic.

During a second oral surgery, the dentist bonds on a metal abutment and custom-made ceramic crown. If you require multiple tooth replacements, you and your Fowlerville dentist may evaluate you for implant-secured bridgework or dentures.

Living with dental implants

Patients report they cannot tell the difference between their dental implants and their natural teeth. The implants look, act, and feel real! Plus, they are easily cared for with routine brushing twice a day and once-daily flossing. Regular six-month examinations and cleanings at Fowlerville Family Dentistry are important, as well.

With proper care, most implants last for decades!

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