Are You Keeping Good Oral Hygiene Habits?
By Fowlerville Family Dentistry
May 12, 2020
Category: Oral Health

When we talk about oral health, people automatically assume that it’s just about gum disease and cavities. The reality is that many studies have already revealed a correlation between oral health and individual health. This means that oral health problems could become a burden to the entire body, making it even more imperative that you practice good oral hygiene.

Here at Fowlerville Family Dentistry in Fowlerville, MI, our dentists, Dr. Samuel Allen, Dr. Brian Giammalva, and Dr. Brian Petersburg, conduct professional cleanings and thorough checkups to keep our patients’ oral health in top shape. However, you should also do your part and practice good oral care habits at home.

Proper Brushing

Good oral hygiene doesn’t solely focus on the teeth. You need to clean your teeth, gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth. To do this right, the bristles should be positioned 45 degrees to the gum line to guarantee ample contact with the teeth and gums.

The roof of your mouth and the tongue surface must be cleaned as well to remove bacteria and freshen your breath. Brushing should be performed at least twice a day and for at least two minutes.

Daily Flossing

Flossing is the partner of brushing because it helps to clear away bacteria and plaque trapped between the teeth and helps clean hard-to-brush areas. Never snap the floss up and down between your teeth, as this could be a painful experience and ineffective.

Make The Visit

This should be at the top of every good oral hygiene practice. Too many people ditch dentist visits, and for what? Just to suffer from toothache, cavities, and other problems later on? The truth is that only your dentist in Fowlerville, MI, can provide you with a proper cleaning and checkup. Likewise, if you work together with your dentist, you can come up with an oral hygiene regimen that will provide you with the utmost oral protection based on your actual condition.

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