Do I Need a Root Canal?
By Fowlerville Family Dentistry
August 09, 2018
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Root CanalYour throbbing tooth needs attention, but what should you do? Modern root canal therapy from Fowlerville Family Dentistry saves and protects failing teeth so smiles stay strong. Dr. Brian Petersburg, Dr. Brian Giammalva, and Dr. Wendy Jativa use this effective treatment instead of harmful, and sometimes unnecessary, extraction. Do you need a root canal?

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is a restorative treatment which removes damaged interior pulp and seals and crowns a tooth. The Journal of Endodontics (the medical term for root canal therapy) reports a success rate of up to 97 percent; however, it also notes that people dread the procedure because they think it's painful.

Actually, it's not painful but instead relieves a throbbing toothache as it removes its cause--the infected blood vessels and nerves deep in the tooth's center and multiple roots. Additionally, the dentist uses local anesthetic or other medication during endodontic therapy so the patient is completely comfortable throughout.

A root canal takes two visits to Fowlerville Family Dentistry. The first involves a visual examination and X-rays. Your dentist may gently tap on the suspect tooth or expose it to cold to note its sensitivity level. If he or she determines it can be saved, you'll receive a numbing injection and a protective dam around the tooth to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Next, the dentist creates a small access hole in the tooth. This opening allows removal of the inflamed pulp and debris. Antibiotic medications and a rubbery sealant (gutta-percha) finish that canal, and the doctor restores the others in a similar way.

You'll go home with a temporary cap in place. Healing takes a week to ten days. When you return to the office, your dentist will remove the temporary cap and place a beautiful porcelain crown over the tooth.

Are you sure you need one?

Dr. Petersburg, Dr. Gaimmvalva, or Dr. Javita looks for danger signs such as:

  • Pain with chewing
  • Dental sensitivity to cold, sugar, or heat
  • A red pimple on the gums near the tooth
  • Dark enamel
  • Bad breath
  • Drainage
  • Loss of tooth enamel--a large crack or chip

Don't extract: restore

Heal and keep your sick tooth through precise and comfortable root canal therapy from Fowlerville Family Dentistry. Contact the office team at (517) 223-8545 for your consultation, and feel better!